BRIDGET & KITTENSEpsom, Ewell & District

Bridget, Tiny Ted & Mandy

5-year-old beautiful Bridget lived for years as a stray before she found herself giving birth on the roof of a hotel in Dorking. She had made a nest of leaves for her babies so safe and secure that no one even realised they were there for a couple of weeks! When we first got Bridget off the roof she was in a dreadful state, and so poorly she was unable to care for her babies properly, had they been left much longer the babies most likely wouldn't have been able to survive.

Her teeth were so bad that they must have been causing her immense pain for a very long time. We booked her dental in as soon as we could, and only a few days later she was caring for her babies the way she had always wished she could and they all began to thrive. Bridget was wary of humans for her first few weeks in care, and protective of her babies. She has now, however, developed a real trust in humans, and loves being stroked and cuddled! She is a truly devoted and wonderful mother to her two 14-week-old babies, Tiny Ted and Mandy.

(Not so) Tiny Ted is a fluffy, handsome and friendly little boy, with so much love to give. He loves nothing more than to curl up on a lap and go to sleep! He is such a character, and a very sweet natured kitten who will no doubt grow into the most loving cat.

Mandy is a stunning black smoke ghost-tabby, an unusual colour! She is very intelligent and agile (unlike her soppy brother!) and enjoys playing and exploring. Like her brother and mum, she is also affectionate and loves human attention.

This trio is truly delightful - a pleasure to watch. Together they make up an inseparable family with an amazing story to tell! After such a dramatic past we are looking to find Bridget and her babies a wonderful home together. They adore other cats, but Bridget does not like dogs. They could be homed with sensible teenage children.

Contact: Rosemary 01737 350307

Gender Female
Age 5
Breed Domestic short-hair
Colour Various
Can live with cats Yes
Can live with dogs No
Can live with a family No
Can live with mature family Yes
Indoor cat No
Access to Outside Yes
Feral cat No

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